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The current dynamics call for an accessory that is not only a fashion statement but also a multi-functional device. To make your everyday living effortless with a touch of fine designs, Fire-Boltt presents you with Best Smart Watches for Men and Women that not only assemble your daily tasks in order with their extraordinary smart features but also keep the texture of luxury intact.
Check out all the amazing features of our Smart Watches:
Your Personal Health Care
We totally endorse the saying, “Health is Wealth”! Keeping that in consideration, our Smartwatches equip you to monitor the state of your health with its proficient Health Features, namely:

Heart Rate Monitor
Sleep Tracker,
SpO2 Monitor,
Calories Tracker,
Hydration Reminders,
Meditative Breathing, etc.

The View, you never get bored of!
Big Screen Smartwatches with High-Resolution Display, simply to enhance the view for your eyes, making the experience not only comfortable but also enjoyable for you because ‘Comfort is always Trending’!

Comes with High-Definition Displays, Retina displays and AMOLED Display Smartwatches to elevate your experience with enhanced colour contrasts, featuring Adaptable Brightness. Now, don’t think twice before stepping into the sunshine.
Your Fitness Partner
With Multiple Sports Modes dedicated to numerous indoor, outdoor and water sports, now awaken the child-like spirit in you, alongside your active physical and mental fitness. Now, we give you a “Remote” to get up and change the game of your fitness!

Install our DA-FIT application on your phone, connect our Fire-Boltt Smartwatch and stay in sync with your fitness, anytime, anywhere! For even better efficiency, select the option of Smartwatches for ‘men’ or ‘women’, and stay on the right page in terms of your suitability.
Never-ending Battery Capacity
Don’t wait, don’t stop, keep it going! Whether you’re a workaholic, a sports enthusiast, or a traveller, our smartwatches have got your back with their extraordinary Battery Life and Backup.
Convert your Smartwatch into a Phone!
The excellent feature of Bluetooth Calling and Smart Notifications enables you to control all your communications and notifications from your wrist itself, without the hassle of holding the phone in your hand.
Tough & Resolute
Stay immune to the external factors with our Water-Resistant and Dust-proof Smartwatches with IP68 and above Resistance.
Menstrual Reminders
Using an intelligent algorithm, which records the information of your menstrual cycle, our Smartwatches can predict your Periods, Ovulation Days and Fertile Window. By prioritizing Females’ Health, we provide you with the Best Smartwatches for Women.
A Fashion Statement
Style your outfits with our Smart Watches coming in different shapes of Dials, i.e., round, square and rectangular, combined with different colours of Straps. Besides, set the vibe of each day with Multiple Watch Faces.
Personal Assistance
Make quick notes on the command of your voice with the smart feature of Voice Recording and know everything about anything with the even smarter feature of Voice Assistance.
Slick Rotating Button
For your easy and quick access to the menu, now we have a Rotating Button on our Smartwatches with its slick functioning and classy look.

Fire-Boltt: India’s No. 1 Wearable Watch Brand is raising the bar to keep up with your hectic schedule and selective choices with its remarkable Smart Watches. Each Smart watch is one-of-a-kind with its USP features to suit your requirements. So, what are you waiting for! Seize the deal now and make your lifestyle a whole lot smarter!
Fire-Boltt presents you with the following series of smartwatches:
AMOLED SERIES: AMOLED Series is known for its exceptional AMOLED Display. The benefits of AMOLED Display are: takes lesser power, gives better picture quality, and offers a faster response in terms of motion.

CALLING SERIES: Smartwatches under the categories of Calling Series have one exceptional feature, i.e., BLUETOOTH CALLING. Now you can connect the Bluetooth on your Smartwatch with your phone’s Bluetooth, and enable making, attending, and rejecting calls straight from your wrist with the help of the Inbuilt Microphone and Speaker.

NINJA SERIES: Ninja Series consists of a variety of products that have distinctive features like HD Display, Bluetooth Calling, and much more.

BASIC SERIES: Fire-Boltt presents you with the Basic Series at affordable prices.
Smart watch – FAQs
What are the benefits of owning a Smart watch?
There are numerous benefits of owning a Smartwatch like, it gives you easy accessibility to track you’re your health & fitness.

Health features like 24/7 Heart Rate Monitoring, SpO2 Monitoring, Tracking Sleep Patterns, number of calories burnt and number of steps taken, Female Health Care and so much more!
Alongside, there are multiple sports modes including indoor, outdoor, and water sports.
Moreover, there is the feature of Water Resistance, so now you can sweat it out or swim carefree.
With features like Bluetooth connection, now you can stay connected at any time and any place.
Also, you can connect calls on your smartwatch with the help of an inbuilt mic and speaker.
Making the view more convenient for you with displays like HD, LCD, AND AMOLED for better and clearer visuals.
There are features like Inbuilt Games, TWS Pairing, and reminders like Sedentary Reminder and Hydration Reminder to make it more entertaining and easier for you to operate.
It adds to your personality and essence with the availability of straps coming in different colors and multiple watch faces.

How to get a suitable smart watch?
First, you must make a list of the features you are looking for in a smart watch, for example, good display, health & fitness features, Bluetooth Calling, TWS pairing, Size of the display, or shape of the dial, Price Range, etc. Then research at website, and you will come across various options.
Are there smartwatches for women exclusively?
Yes, there are smart watches for women exclusively. Considering the size, weight, and styling, there are products in the market which are suitable for women. Like, compact in size, light-weighted, and elegant and bold styles. Not just that, there is an exclusive feature for women’s well-being that tracks the menstrual cycle. It is very simple to access, fill in the information of the dates of your menstrual cycle in the system, and it will give you reminders of your fertile window, ovulation days, and periods.
How can I answer calls through a smart watch?
Answering calls through a smartwatch is very easy these days. Connect the Bluetooth calling feature on your smartwatch with your phone, and you can make, attend and reject calls directly from your wrist with the help of an inbuilt mic and speaker. You can have quick access to the dial pad and also, and you can save contacts with the help of inbuilt storage to make it more convenient for yourself.
Can I control music from my smart watch?
Yes, you can control music from your smartwatch. You can raise and lower the volume. Play and pause the music and also, change the song using directly from your smartwatch.
Does a smart watch have a GPS?
Yes, Smartwatches do have GPS that can help you to track your steps runs, and map out your routes for you more effectively. All you need to do is to keep a close look on your smartwatch instead of your mobile phone and track all your movements.
Does the smart watch indicate accurate data in terms of health and fitness?
Smartwatches were originally designed to check alerts and messages. But then came a revolution in terms of health and fitness, and as the generation progressed, the gadgets around them evolved too. A smartwatch that helps you track your health like Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, Steps, Calories, Sleep Patterns, Reminders like Hydration Reminders, and Sedentary Reminders. It is best if you buy a smartwatch for health purposes only from a reliable brand.

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